We are specialists in strategic economic analysis and leverage best practices across industries to win our clients' battles. Our work spans public policy, industry, and legal issues. We apply economic fundamental and rigorous analysis to create meaningful research for broad public audiences. 


 Policy Analysis

We help our clients understand and communicate the impact of legislation and regulation. We conduct cost-benefit and economic impact analysis for proposed or implemented policies at the national, state, and local levels. We develop resources such as white papers, fact-sheets, infographics, and comment letters that can be directly incorporated into client advocacy efforts. 


Industry Impact and Trends

We help our clients demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative contributions of their industry or sector at the global, national, state and local levels through economic impact studies. We also construct benchmarks and examine industry trends through a combination of surveys and desk research.  Our work is intended for broad public audiences and helps organizations enhance their communications, stakeholder relations, and membership efforts with meaningful data and easy to use deliverables. 


Legal Discovery and Analysis

We consult and support clients involved in litigation through economic, statistical and financial analysis.   We work closely with legal teams to examine cases and develop models for quantitative analysis throughout the process from discovery to judgement.